Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Simplicity 1467

This has most definitely been my most time consuming make so far. Not necessarily difficult, but a lot of steps. And a lot of interfacing. Very slow going for me. But I finished and have another top I can wear to the office. Yay me!

This is the Simplicity 1467 pattern, view A. I used the size 12 pattern, my standard pattern size for tops.

Did I mention interfacing? I went through quite a bit. All the top pieces and the arm holes all have interfacing. It calls for lightweight, I used featherweight because it was what I had. Doesn't seem to have made a difference. Don't skip the understitching, everything will constantly want to pop out.

This pattern also had the tiny loop you had to make for the buttons. Which of course, consists of sewing a teeny tiny piece of fabric then having to flip it right side out. I used a small safety pin I got from one of my RTW outfits when they give an extra button. It worked great for this small loop. I also didn't follow the directions, it said to sew at 1/4", but that would have put it halfway across, so instead I did it at approximately 1/8" so that I would have a larger hole to pull the fabric through.

And the final result...

A top that is a little too small at the hips. Haha. I'm slightly pear shaped. I really need to keep an eye on the finished measurements so my tops fit better at the waist. Looking at the model I should have realized this was closer fitting than the other tops I made. And this material is not stretchy. At All.

Sorry, I'm also squinting in the sun. You either get a dark picture, or me squinting.

I'm thinking of maybe adding a solid color dart on the side to expand the waist some. Because of all my cardigans it is not often someone will see the side anyway. It's wearable as is, but I think this would make it more comfortable. And it will lay better in the front and back.

My first time doing anything with buttons. I like them. I'm shocked I really didn't have any issues there.

This top also called for gathering in the front. My first time with this as well. Basically you use a long machine stitch, then pull the strings, even it out best you can, then it is sewn in place. Gives it a nice look.

This is a cheaper fabric. I cannot remember where I got it or what it is. I know it either came from Joann's or Hancock Fabrics. On all future purchases I will track this!


  1. Great job, Jennifer! All that interfacing - gah! The blouse looks really pretty on you as-is, but I am all about comfort myself so totally understand considering the side dart. Please post a pick if you do that - we have a similar build, and I almost tried the same thing with the blouse I made yesterday.

    1. Thanks! I will post my change. I'm just debating on having the added in fabric being the same fabric, or making it a different solid color fabric. I'm terrible at making decisions. Haha.

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