Saturday, January 23, 2016

Knit t-shirts, gotta love them.

A good old fashioned t-shirt. Who doesn't love them? Comfy and cozy. Good for cold, warm, and hot weather. You can wear them out, you can wear them in. You get my point.

Taking the same McCalls 6964 pattern I used on my long sleeve knit t-shirt I made this short sleeve one. I actually intended to make another long sleeve but I didn't have enough fabric to pull it off.

I found this fabric at Joann's yesterday in the clearance section. And on top of that they had 50% off all of their red dot clearance. I think this ended up costing me $4/yard. No too shabby.

It took some work to keep the stripes together when sewing. This side is better than my other side. But I'm still proud.

And as I mentioned before, I need a new sewing machine! Mine is a simple one. Almost like a featherweight machine. It has no stretch stitch options and a twin needle doesn't work. All I have is the zig zag to work with. I put my machine on the smallest one and just hope it works and my clothes don't fall apart on me. Because I do like wearing these knits! But I'm stuck with this being visible. It just screams homemade... I'll survive.


  1. Hi, Jennifer - I'm very impressed with your success with your blouse and knit tops. Maybe I'll be able to figure out this sleeve thing after all. Glad to find another person who's new to sewing, and adding you to my bookmarks so I can keep checking back in. Yay!

    1. Thanks! I have to figure out what fabric it was I did my black and white bird blouse in. Those sleeves were sooooo easy! I don't know if it was the pattern or the fabric, maybe both? But the sleeves fit in like a glove. The other tops... not so much. DO you have a blog? Am I following it already? I'm not sure! I've been traveling the internet, so please stop by and drop me a link. We can learn together! :)