Saturday, January 23, 2016

Time for a cardigan!

My job requires me to wear a lot of cardigans. A LOT of cardigans. During the winter it isn't such a big deal. It's cold, cardigans are comfy. But during the summer... forget about it!

After being so incredibly jealous of my co-workers who have sleeveless, or short sleeve cardigans I finally decided to just make my own. This is the first, and biggest, reason I decided to re-learn how to sew.

So here I am. After making some fun beginner projects I finally made my first cardigan.

I decided to attempt McCalls Pattern 6084.
It's considered easy. And the package says sew time is only one hour! A beginner like me should do just fine right??

Well, not really. This cardigan gave me one night of complete frustration until I quit. I don't know what it is about these instructions but I was just soooo confused. I'm sure you would laugh thinking I was confused by something so simple.

The next day I went back at it. I pretty much just made up some steps to get by. I think it turned out all right though. I think I probably spent 8 hours sewing this 1 hour pattern...

I used a size large for the pattern. I usually use a medium. But dumb me, I bought patterns before I actually started sewing and didn't realize each package didn't have all the sizes. Oops. Won't make that mistake again. So, I made the smallest size in the package. I am definitely going to make the sleeves smaller. They are huge. The rest I can deal with wearing.

I used just some simple black knit fabric I found at Joann's. It's slightly heavier than ideal for summer, but very comfortable.

Boy do my bangs need trimmed! :)

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