Monday, January 18, 2016

My first blouse

This is the first blouse I made after all of those pajamas. I'm actually quite impressed with myself!

This is the pattern I chose to use. Simplicity 1280.

You know what is amazing? I actually found the exact same fabric for view B (the one on the model)! I got the fabric at Joann's. I'm starting my sewing journey with cheaper fabric before I move to those wonderful fabrics I am finding online.

Sorry, I do not have any step by steps. I wasn't planning a blog when I started. But here is my finished product. No so bad for a newbie huh?

The only thing I changed was extending the length of the sleeves. I'm not a fan of 3/4 sleeves. Everything else was exactly to the pattern. Pattern size 12.

Now I just need to find a photographer so I can get pictures of me wearing it! My dress form doesn't do it justice. Considering it is like a size 2, and I am not.

The main thing I learned from this project. Always write down or take a picture of the care instructions and fabric type! I have no idea what this fabric is or how to wash it.

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