Monday, January 18, 2016

An entire wardrobe, all handmade

Can it be done?

Can someone make their entire wardrobe themselves? Does anyone have the time? The money?

I'm hoping one day to find out. But I know it isn't something that will happen quickly.

Years ago I had a blog. I didn't really know what to post about, so slowly I stopped posting. It had no theme, no direction. It's still out there. I actually wanted to use it, delete the old stuff, and go from there. But sadly I have long forgotten the password and no longer can access the email address used to create it.

So here I am new blog. But this time, with a purpose. Seeing so many other sewing blogs has inspired me.

I have rekindled my love for sewing. After taking a sewing class in high school I was interested. My mom bought me my very first sewing machine. I remember using it to make simple things. But something happened where I became stumped and I gave up.

I'm back now. And with internet being as awesome as it is, the information I probably needed back then is right here. No more getting stumped and stopping. Answers are easy to find and things can be fixed.

I began my new sewing journey before Christmas. Re-teaching myself the basics on the sewing machine. Started off simple with pajamas. Made lots of pajamas. LOTS of pajamas. Kids, adults, everyone was getting pajamas. That helped me understand my machine again and how it worked.

I have since moved on from pajamas to see what I can create. Spending time learning about garment assembly, fabric types, thread types, and all that goes along with it. So this is my new journey into sewing. And I'm hooked!

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