Wednesday, January 20, 2016

So instead of posting the few things I did when I first started sewing in 2015 I have decided to just put them here. After this I can start fresh with all my 2016 garments and can keep better track :)

In December I was dreaming about Summer. Maybe because I booked a cruise. So I decided to plan for he heat and make this tank top using the Simplicity 1372 pattern.

I opted to use some cute linen fabric I found at Joann's. For the straps I used silky fabric (I have no idea what it really is - Joann's had it under "silky types")

Here is the finished product:

Then, my next attempt was my first knit project. I quickly learned I do not have the machine for the job. I can't use twin needles, I have no stretch stitch of any sort, I only have the small zig zag you turn until it's a big zig zag (I'm sure there is a name for it). So, I put it on the smallest it would let me and went with that. Hopefully I don't break the seams...

I used McCall's 6964 pattern, only the long sleeve version rather than this short sleeve one below.

And this is how it turned out:

One thing I learned from this one, other than I need a better machine, is be careful when pulling out threads! It is a lot harder with knit. I accidentally made a hole in my shirt! I had to pull it up slightly on the left to hide it behind the neckline. So sad!

I had one more shirt for 2015 but I don't have pictures so I'll just let it go. For my future projects I hope to get better pictures of me actually wearing the items so they wont seem so baggy on my tiny dress form.

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