Monday, February 29, 2016

Super SIMPLE knit dress!

This dress and pattern is PERFECT for beginners. A very easy and quick sew. A good way to practice with knits.

It's also perfect for you advanced sewers. Why? Because it is a comfy knit dress of course!

The pattern I used was Simplicity 1358. I had intended to use view B but ended up using view C. This happened because I obviously don't know how to count and did not have enough fabric to make view B. I debated on ordering more fabric but decided I couldn't be patient and went with the shorter dress.

The dress only took a couple hours to sew up. Luckily for me my mom is letting me borrow her sewing machine until I can buy a better one so I actually could use a stretch stitch.

And here is the dress..

I love the fabric, It is very bright colors. Perfect for spring and summer. Right now it's warm enough to wear during the day, just not mornings or evenings. But soon I can wear it regularly. And I will.

The fabric is called Aqua Green Peacock-Inspired Polyester Jersey Knit and I got it from Mood Fabrics.

I used a size 12 pattern and cut it out to a size 14 for my hips. No other modifications were made. 

And because it is knit it is super easy to bend down and stretch while wearing.

Yep. I have backyard chickens. Because, why not? These are my two girls. They are terrific. Raised them from babies. Fresh eggs from free range hens.

Mmmm fresh eggs...

And because this is a sewing blog, not a backyard chicken blog. One more shot of the dress..


  1. Ok, this is totally my favorite. Partly because of the chickens, but also because that fabric is ***AwesomE***. And the dress really looks cute on you. I'll bet it gets a ton of wear over the coming months.

  2. Thanks! I have a feeling it will definitely get a ton of wear. Super comfy :)