Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My first pants!

I have finally attempted my first pair of pants! My inspiration for these pants came from Erica Bunker and her blog post here. The second I saw them I knew I wanted the pattern to make a pair of my own. The next day I went out and got it.

The pattern is Simplicity 8058. I just love everything nautical. This is a good way to get it without overdoing it.

So, I did go to the store and picked up the pattern the very next day. Where I messed up was grabbing the size pattern I usually get for tops (size 12). Well, I'm definitely not a 12 in pants. I'm not even sure what size I am, probably an 18.

Once I had the pattern I knew I would have to add width to it. So I carefully measured out to a size 18 and marked the pattern (or the fabric) to make up for the size. And of course, made a muslin to try out.

I tried on the muslin (without a zipper) and it seemed to fit fine. This is cotton and my actual fabric is ponte knit so I knew I would have extra stretch in the real pair. I figured I was good to go and make my pants.

So once again, I carefully marked out the pattern to a size 18 using navy blue ponte knit I bought at Joann's

It took me days but I worked my way through the instructions. Somehow I managed to sew the pockets closed. WTF did I do? I have no clue. I made tons of pockets on all those pajamas I made...

And the final result? Well, you won't see me modeling them for you. They don't fit. I'm so sad, because I love them so much. They are just barely too small. Something went wrong somewhere. Or, I just picked the wrong size. I can get the zipper halfway up, but not all the way. Time to lose some weight! And now I have just another reason to do it.

But I did finish them. So here are some poor lighting indoor shots for you (sorry).

That was my first time ever dealing with a zipper. Not even back in high school did I attempt one in my sewing class. It's not perfect. But the pants are wearable, if I could only fit into them.

Sorry the picture is sideways. The blog I use doesn't have cropping or editing features for images. The zipper top is supposed to be tucked between the layers but it slipped out when I was sewing and I didn't notice until it was too late.

So those are my pants. If ever I fit into them I will be sure to add some pictures of me wearing them.

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